30 January The volume of escrow transactions in INTECO’s Moscow projects exceeded 5 billion rubles
30 January INTECO entered the top 10 most media-covered developers
24 January INTECO has launched sales of the most scenic building part of West Garden eco-project
22 January Sadovyie Kvartaly is among the top 3 residential complexes in terms of real estate sold in Moscow at year-end 2019
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Urban development encourages people to improve their living conditions

4 December
‘Urban development activities performed by the Moscow government encourage citizens to improve their living conditions’, said Pavel Lepish, INTECO Sales Director, at the conference entitled ‘Real Estate Market: 3 Steps Forward!’ held in Moscow on December 3rd.

The conference organized by the Moscow Business Club at the Central House of Architects brought together representatives of leading developers, real estate agencies and banks. Its participants discussed interim results of the year on the real estate market and shared their forecasts on the latter’s development. Among other, they focused on the following topics: the escrow accounts scheme, industry digitalization and changes in the customer’s profile.

In his speech, Pavel Lepish, INTECO Sales Director, stressed that building industry’s conceptual transformations, such as transition to project financing, take place against the background of a difficult macroeconomic situation. However, in his opinion, the regulating authority, developers and banks have strong potential to develop the real estate market and improve its performance. Their joint efforts result in a comfortable environment for home buyers who, in their turn, mostly focus on high-quality and thoughtful development projects.

‘In recent years, Moscow authorities have attached particular importance to the development of urban environment: they have launched a renovation program, create new public spaces and develop the urban infrastructure. Taking part in these processes, citizens see the evolution of the Russian capital, and this encourages them to improve their living conditions and to decide in favour of development projects of exceptional quality,’ said Pavel Lepish, ‘Digitalization, which is one of the key market trends, affects the customers’ behavior, as over 94% of today’s customers use the Internet to acquire real estate’.