30 January The volume of escrow transactions in INTECO’s Moscow projects exceeded 5 billion rubles
30 January INTECO entered the top 10 most media-covered developers
24 January INTECO has launched sales of the most scenic building part of West Garden eco-project
22 January Sadovyie Kvartaly is among the top 3 residential complexes in terms of real estate sold in Moscow at year-end 2019
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INTECO: two kindergartens built in Rostov-on-Don

16 January
Pursuant to a contract concluded with municipal authorities, KKPD JSC (the general contractor, part of INTECO group of companies) built two preschool educational institutions in microdistrict No. 5 of Leventsovsky district of Rostov-on-Don. Built using prefabricated monolithic slabs produced by KKPD, two kindergartens will accommodate 410 children in total. Each kindergarten has a pool.

The buildings erected by KKPD JSC under a contract with Capital Construction Management of Rostov-on-Don are 3-storey educational institutions for 190 and 220 children, respectively. They will provide additional places in preschool educational institutions for residents of Leventsovsky district.

‘We pursued a rather ambitious goal of erecting, in microdistrict No. 5 of Leventsovsky district, two kindergartens in just under a year. And we achieved this goal: we built two preschool institutions within the terms prescribed by the contract and thereby managed to significantly improve the social infrastructure of the region,’ says Dmitrii Patvakanov, Director General of SZ KKPD-INVEST LLC.